Bulletproof Coffee Review

Is there any other energy stimulant better than BP Coffee?

Bulletproof coffee, or also known as BP coffee, is an energy enhancer that has the ability to dramatically increase the energy of the human body causing us to be much more effective. However, it is necessary to know how this coffee works, how it can be prepared and other necessary information prior to consumption.

Table of Contents:

  1. What is bulletproof coffee?

  2. Benefits of drinking bulletproof coffee.

  3. How does bulletproof coffee work?

  4. Is it a good idea to drink coffee with butter?

  5. How to make BP Coffee? Guaranteed recipe

  6. When should you drink bulletproof coffee?

  7. What are the alternatives to bulletproof coffee?

  8. Where can you buy bulletproof coffee?

  9. The definitive combo.

  10. Frequently asked questions.

  • Bulletproof Coffee is one of the best power boosters on the market.

  • Its effect causes energy for many hours.

  • It has an exquisite flavor.

  • It requires more preparation time than ordinary coffee.

  • It does not taste very nice.

Maybe many people have heard about this coffee and maybe not many. There may be many mixtures and preparations of coffee but none so peculiar as this one. And the fact that combining coffee with butter and coconut oil is not something that attracts much attention, however, is a really effective energy enhancer. You have to dare to try it and check that the energy levels increase exponentially.

Many people have dared and tried the bulletproof coffee. However, most of them say they continue to consume it, but not because of its taste, but because of the number of benefits, it offers. Let’s learn more about this.

1. What is bulletproof coffee?

It may seem like something really strange to hear Bulletproof Coffee, but you really have to know it and see all it has to offer to find out if it’s worth trying.

Bulletproof Coffee is a really effective and very strong energy enhancer. If you really want to increase your mood, energy levels, concentration, and even your cognitive performance, this drink is ideal for you. But what exactly is bulletproof coffee?

To know what bulletproof coffee is, it is necessary to know its preparation first. Bulletproof coffee is a simple coffee combined with butter and coconut oil. In most cases, it is prepared with unsalted butter or with general octane oil.

This combination really seems to be crazy, but it is undoubtedly the main reason why the energy of the human body increases drastically. The combination of caffeine with fats ultimately increases energy.

2. Benefits of drinking bulletproof coffee

It can be difficult to find benefits in nootropics, food supplements or man-made products such as Bulletproof Coffee, in fact, research has not yet been carried out to demonstrate the positive effect these nootropics can have, as well as their side effects, can damage the body.

So to know the benefits that this drink offers, we have to base ourselves on the personal experience of those who have consumed it and on the information we handle.

Of the few studies that have been conducted on Bulletproof Coffee, it has been discovered that butter can promote brain function and coconut oil can cause weight loss.

According to personal experiences of people who have dared to prepare and consume the drink, the results obtained show that it is an efficient energy enhancer and that it increases cognitive and memory capacity.

Presumably, caffeine gives a stimulating effect since it normally stimulates the central nervous system, but in a powerful mixture, it becomes a brain enhancer.

However, since the experiments are very recent, the effects and long-term results cannot be verified. There is still not enough demand to carry out a study of this magnitude.

The effect produced by bulletproof coffee goes on after about 10-15 minutes after ingestion. The sensation that it gives is very similar to an overload of energy, it is as if they hit you very hard and they wake you up for several hours more.

The body gets a lot of energy, increases focus and concentration, and makes the person more efficient and productive. It is as if the body no longer has limitations and nothing can stop it. It is such a good feeling that you will never want to stop feeling like that.

The main advantage of taking bulletproof coffee is that its effects can last for several hours. If you thought that a regular coffee gave you energy, it gives you much more than double.

In addition, its effect is not like that of normal coffee that lasts for a short time and then generates drowsiness, but with the combination of butter and coconut oil can be replenished for a long time and without feeling tired or sleepy.

Other advantages of bulletproof coffee are:

  • No anxiety to eat.

  • Clarifies the mind.

  • Increase energy constantly and durable.

  • Promotes weight loss.

3. How does bulletproof coffee work?

The “normal” coffee is very well known for its content of essential nutrients such as manganese, potassium and B vitamins. In addition, it has a large number of antioxidants that reduce the risk of chronic degenerative diseases and keep the brain up to date.

Drinking coffee makes the brain more acute, brain cells can communicate faster, and improves mood.

On the other hand, bulletproof coffee is combined with butter fed grass and coconut oil or cerebral octane oil. Several experts say that the healthy fat in butter maintains energy for hours, balances hormones and improves cognitive function. In addition, not only essential fatty acids and other nutrients are acquired for the body, but it improves the consistency of the coffee making it creamier than many others.

The octane brain oil plays an important role by increasing the molecules that burn fat and oxygenate the brain, these are known as ketones. Not all fats have the same function. It is also thanks to the brain octane oil that the body can control hunger, lose weight and make the brain work better than with another MCT oil. Coconut oil also increases ketone levels and helps the body to drain fat instead of sugar. This can give you more energy for many more hours.

There is definitely no doubt about what will happen after drinking the bulletproof coffee, the effects will multiply twice or perhaps more than what normal coffee can cause; improves mood and increases energy. Only with the Bulletproof Coffee, the effects will be more effective and lasting.

4. Is it a good idea to drink coffee with butter?

Some experts say that drinking bulletproof coffee in the morning can improve your performance much better than eating a healthy breakfast. You can drink this coffee every day, however, it should not be completely replaced by breakfast.

The Bulletproof Coffee is only one option, an optional help to consume occasionally when it is necessary to increase our brain capacities. If we know that we will have a hard day it is better to take it and be prepared.

What is the taste of Bulletproof Coffee?

The bulletproof coffee has a flavor very similar to a rich coffee with milk, only that it is creamier. The light touch of butter gives it a unique richness. It is a pleasant taste that is worth getting used to. In addition, its preparation is not so complicated, we will explain later how to do it. This coffee is a combination of natural compounds that meets and exceeds expectations.

Despite being very tasty and effective, it is not advisable to consume it daily for long periods of time, much less replace it completely for breakfast. The body needs other nutrients in addition to those that coffee can provide for its proper functioning. In addition, we must consider that caffeine is a neurostimulant and consuming it in excess can be harmful. You have to be careful when consuming this beverage because it can be addictive because of the effects it has on the human body.

It should also be borne in mind that there have been few studies and tests on this coffee blend, so it is better to take the necessary precautions and avoid accidents. So you might consider taking bulletproof coffee weekly to avoid negative side effects. We can drink bulletproof coffee to feel unlimited, but we must be aware and regulate its consumption.

5. Bulletproof coffee recipe. How to prepare bulletproof coffee?

If you have reached this section it is because you are probably attracted to bulletproof coffee, you want to try it and check its effects. After all, having a little extra energy in the mornings would not hurt at all. We all want to have that energy from early on and have an effective and productive day.

To take full advantage of the intake of this fabulous combination, let’s see how bulletproof coffee is prepared in the right way. It is better to follow these steps and not to invent. This recipe was prepared by drink experts.

Step by step guide to preparing the Bulletproof Coffee:

    1. Prepare 1 cup of 8-12 ounces of coffee with filtered water.

    2. Add 1-2 tablespoons of cerebral octane oil or coconut oil.

    3. Add 1-2 tablespoons of butter without salt fed grass.

    4. Mix the ingredients for 20 seconds, preferably in a blender.

    5. Ready! Enjoy your elixir and start your day with lots of energy.

Maybe it seemed something more complex to make, but the truth is that this coffee can be made in a few minutes in this simple way. After drinking it you will feel the effects in a couple of minutes and you will see how the energy increases and you can see everything with more clarity and enthusiasm. Do not wait any longer and dare to try it.

6. When should you drink bulletproof coffee?

Although we have said it before, some people will wonder when it is advisable to drink bulletproof coffee. Definitely, the best time to have this coffee is in the morning, after some training, morning shower, after waking up or at breakfast.

Neither should be taken in the middle of tomorrow, the best time to take the bulletproof coffee is between 7:00 and 8:00 a.m. In this way, we can remain active for the rest of the day, even after lunch which is when many have to make more effort.

As bulletproof coffee gives so much energy, it is not recommended in the evening because it could negatively affect your sleep because caffeine can stay up to 2 days in the body. However, if your work schedule is night-time and you have to stay awake all night, you can have your coffee in the afternoon or before entering your work time. But of the rest, it is better to stick to the morning schedule and take it in the mornings.

7. What are the alternatives to bulletproof coffee?

This coffee is really effective, however, there are other options available in case you want to try something else or different. On this occasion, we present two alternatives: titanium tea and yerba mate tea.

The first, titanium tea consists of a combination of Aged Pu-Erh (puer), Japanese Sencha (green tea) or turmeric tea, a tablespoon of unsalted butter and a tablespoon of cerebral octane oil. This tea is not tasty like bulletproof coffee, but it can be an alternative to increase energy.

On the other hand, there is the Yerba Mate tea, which in comparison with the two exposed above, the Bulletproof Coffee and the titanium tea, this gives energy to the body in a more subtle and much healthier way. However, this option is not the best to achieve quick effects. If you want to increase your energy and productivity, it is best to take the bulletproof coffee or the titanium tea.

8. Where can you buy bulletproof coffee?

Amazon is one of the main stores where you can buy Bulletproof Coffee. There you can find several types and sizes of BP coffee. Keep in mind that when ordering, the MCY oil is the correct one.

However, there are other online stores where you can find this type of coffee or the ingredients to prepare it. You can locate the different sites and make a comparison to then acquire the product.

9. The definitive combo

Is it really enough with bulletproof coffee alone?

The BP Coffee is an excellent energy enhancer, but if this is not enough for your body, we will present you with a nootropic with which you can combine it for a much greater effect.

The perfect combination for much more energy is to mix the BP Coffee with Mind Lab Pro, a nootropic cell that improves cognitive performance clears the mind and optimizes memory. This is the definitive combo that will make you much more productive and effective.

10. FAQ

1. Can you replace the coconut oil with the MCT oil?

MCT oil multiplies the effects of coconut oil by 4 times, the ketones produced by this oil burn fat and stimulate the brain in a more effective way than coconut oil. Therefore, the effects can vary by mixing the coconut oil instead of MCT oil.

There is no doubt that the MCT oil is stronger and therefore it is recommended, besides this is much easier to combine with coffee than coconut oil.

2. Will my body crash after drinking bulletproof coffee?

No, if your body does not explode when you drink regular coffee, then neither will it after you drink this coffee.

3. How does bulletproof coffee taste?

It is a creamy coffee and most people who have tasted it love the taste. It really is a provocative taste.

4. Can I take more than 1 bulletproof coffee per day?

It is very likely that a single cup of BP Coffee a day will be enough, but if you feel that you need more and your body is able to tolerate it, you can take more, but do not overdo it either.

5. Is it advisable to drink bulletproof coffee every day?

Definitely not, 1 or 2 times a week would be enough. Don’t become addicted.

6. Can bulletproof coffee upset my stomach?

It is unlikely to happen. So far there are no complaints that the BP Coffee has these effects.

7. How do Dave Asprey and Bulletproof Coffee relate?

Dave Asprey is nothing more and nothing less than the founder of the Bulletproof Company, responsible for creating and producing the original BP Coffee.

8. Why should I use grass-fed butter?

Definitely, because grass-fed butter is much healthier than regular butter. This butter contains omega-3, beta-carotene, vitamins A, D, E, and antioxidants. Even the grease produced by grass-fed butter slows the absorption of caffeine, allowing the energy to remain in the body for much longer.

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