Lumonol Review

It is one of the questions most often asked by buyers and here is the answer:

Lumonol is one of those pills, which to be honest, I hesitated to try for a while, out of fear or laziness, and it does not matter. The reason for this radical change lies in the fact that it is a product that really works since it contains mixtures of different nootropic supplements without knowing the exact amount of ingredients in the tablet.

So, some can bring great benefits, as others cannot do anything, something simple like that, you never know with these supplements, they are always surprising. Anyway, I’ve decided to try it. Let’s see what happened to me!

Lumonol is one of the nootropics that helps the increase in energy, helping in turn with focus and memory. It is one of the most popular nootropic batteries in the United States for many reasons. One of these reasons is that the fact of using Noopept definitely makes it a powerful nootropic that can improve your cognitive performance. It helped me!

Despite the rather old-fashioned website and the lack of professional testimonials, my experience with Lumonol was quite interesting. Look at everything that happened to me:

1. Does Lumonol work?

I receive tons of emails from many people asking me if they really should buy Lumonol or not. “Greg, but … does it really works? Is not it a scam? “

Here I will share my experience: Since I am currently in the EU, I had a hard time receiving Lumonol in my home. Finally, a friend from the USA sent me some samples that I could try and review.

Now, my experience with Lumonol, in general, was quite good. Although I could not do an adequate test of 2-3 weeks. Now it is easier to know what the situation is and why, compared to most other nootropics, Lumonol owns Noopept, which is a very popular nootropic that lacks scientific research.

I know some people who bet on Noopept, but there are others who fear negative side effects. In particular, I am at the midpoint of both.

Whenever there are potentially harmful products in a supplement, I advise everyone to be careful and not take them daily until a little more is known about possible side effects. The same goes for Lumonol, although I think there is a very low dose of Noopept in this pile, that is, it is not to worry so much.

In the same way, we better follow with my experience … As I mentioned before, I noticed a greater focus and definitely there are no harmful side effects with the proper use of this stack.

The only problem was that I did not know the exact amount of all the ingredients in the pile (since these are all mixed), so I did not want to exaggerate with the daily dose.

That said, I expected more from Lumonol, but until I knew the exact amount of all the ingredients, I would only take one recommended daily dose and no more, I should take care of myself.

2. Ingredients (Is Lumonol 100% safe?)

Lumonol combines a mixture of nootropics for energy, nootropics for focusing and nootropics for memory. It sounds powerful! Do not?

According to his explanation, there are 3 important stages that influence his performance:

Stage 1: The anxiolytic properties admit a non-entertaining approach. What this means is that Lumonol provides great clarity, highly improved memory, and a good mood.

Stage 2: Vasodilation increases vital blood flow. Increase blood flow to the brain means better memory, concentration, and motivation.

Stage 3: Recover the vision and direction in your life. But let’s put it this way: if you feel 99% of the happy time, if you are productive and have a strong focus and a very good memory, you “CAN” be quite successful in what you do.

Let’s take a look at the ingredients it has:

This blend of energy (430mg) Energy blend is a fabulous combination based on guarana, contains vitamin B12 and ginseng.

The main detail that I personally see with Lumonol is the little information it offers regarding how many grams of each ingredient there is in the energy mix, it’s complicated!

However, I am used to the lack of this information in the nootropic industry, since the same information could be the main competitive advantage of all brands. However, I hope this change in the future.

In addition to Hordenine, which lacks research, most other ingredients are very powerful and are known to people who usually take it, also contains a large amount of data that defend their effects.

Focus blend (515 mg) Focus blend, consisting of a mixture between L-Tyrosine, Acetyl L-Carnitine, PS, and Noopept. This is in most batteries of nootropics, but do not use Noopept due to lack of research, however Lumonol bets on this powerful nootropic.

There are more and more experts who usually report on the positive effects of taking Noopepet and there is also a single scientific study (yes, only one!) That proves it.

In addition to the lack of individual data on the percentage of each nootropic in the mix, I find that this “Focus” mix is ​​very powerful, especially combined with the other two mixes – a time bomb! In the best sense of the word.

Another memory mix (170mg) combines the famous Ginkgo Biloba and Alpha GPC. According to and from my experience, it is an extremely strong combination.

Lumonol Review – The best Lumonol nootropic cell quickly improves your memory, improves your energy and focus. Knowing this, the Lumonol battery is a very powerful battery with many nootropics that I personally like a lot.

I consider it ideal for athletes and students.

Personally I think it is stronger on the side of energy and focus, but honestly, this is a great combo in general with 3 very powerful effects.

Allow me to answer a more important question that I also often receive:

How safe is Lumonol?

When someone asks how safe it is to take nootropics, my common answer is:

“Is it safe to take additional vitamins and minerals? What about drinking coffee? “

“Well, that depends. There are a number of recommended daily intakes for several nootropics (as well as for vitamins and minerals). If it stays within the recommended limits (and if your doctor does not inform you otherwise), it should be on the safe side”

The vast majority of all nootropics have been used for a long time and you can find a diversity of studies that prove their effects.

In addition to following the guidelines, I always try to alternate between taking and not taking nootropics. For example: (4 weeks of shots, 1 week of rest). So far, it proved to me to be a very good and really healthy strategy, use it!

In addition, most of the people I know take nootropics mainly to cover their “peaks” during specific occasions such as work, exams, the gym, among another couple of things.

If you have any questions, talk to your doctor before you start taking it. This part is usually one of the most important.

3. How and when is the best time to take Lumonol?

I took Lumonol in the morning with my breakfast (as usual), as the Focus mix and the Energy mix seem to be quite strong. The memory mix could probably be even stronger.

If you want to continue using Lumonol and you are looking to improve memory, even more, I would suggest adding much more Alpha GPC to the stack as an additional supplement. This would be a much better package.

4. Can your body develop an intolerance to Lumonol?

I often suggest people after 4 weeks of start, 1 week out of cycle, this is very important. If the body develops a tolerance to certain nootropics, you should consult your doctor, especially if they are stacked together.

Therefore, after 4 weeks, 1 week of rest is a very smart agreement. This is the way in which you can minimize any risk if this is potential.

However, according to current studies, there is almost no possibility of developing an intolerance to most nootropics.

5. Lumonol vs Mind Lab Pro: I’m a true and big fan of Mind Lab Pro. But is it better than lumonol?

Particularly I think so because Mind Lab Pro is a product far superior to Lumonol. However, I mainly thought that both products offered similar effects, but after months of taking Mind Lab Pro, I realized that it offered better results.

That’s why I prefer Mind Lab Pro, and it’s because it uses only well-researched nootropics and really knows the exact amount of all the ingredients that exist in the stack. That is why I consider that this detail is extremely important. If you want to try Mind Lab Pro, do not hesitate to ask for it here.

To read all my experience with Mind Lab Pro, click here.

6. Where can I buy Lumonol?

If you have finally decided to try Lumonol, you can request it here. You can also go to their website, so you can check yourself and I hope to read your experience very soon.

By the way, if you use the TRYME10 coupon code, you can get an additional discount of 10% fantastic! Do not?

I would love to know what your experience with Lumonol is!

  1. Lumonol is one of the best-selling nootropics in the United States.

  2. It offers a set of interesting energy combinations, and in turn, is combined with a focus on memory.

  3. Some ingredients lack research

  4. We do not know the exact amount of all the ingredients in the pile.

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