Qualia Review


Does Qualia represent a sacred pill? Or is it perhaps an invention of neuroscience? (Would you take it to make a test?

Qualia went on the market promising to be the “God’s pill”, and is currently considered the stimulant of concentration and the most developed memory. Will Qualia’s list of virtues be real or is it a big lie?

Qualia review

Qualia Review – Is Qualia really effective?

Qualia has a list of 42 components, this far exceeds the other no tropic batteries and makes Qualia the most innovative product.

It is made with ingredients of the highest quality, being a first class product.

Within the range of Qualia products, there is Qualia Mind.

Because it is a Premium quality product, Qualia has a cost equivalent to it (129 – 149 $)

The “God’s pill”, as Qualia is known, has several extra vitamins and minerals for your body that may not be as necessary.

There is a standard dose for Qualia consumption, and it is 9 pills a day (it is not the best dose).

I remember that the first time I heard about Qualia I did not pay too much attention. I thought it was just another pill. At that time I did not need to know about another no tropic, because I was doing quite well with the one I was using at that moment.

Until one day, several people from my everyday environment began to talk about the frequent use of Qualia.

“What’s happening?” I asked myself for a moment. “Why the popularity of that Qualia pill?”

That’s when I was able to find an answer…

Qualia review

Qualia Review: Did you start using it?

Qualia contains several ingredients that make it the most advanced nootropic today. Its 42 elements were reviewed by scientists, Qualia has been developed in order to optimize all the cognitive functions of people and the proper functioning of the nervous system.

So it is normal to ask, how does Qualia improve our capabilities? What does it contain, what dose would be ideal, has positive and negative effects?

1. I have taken an average of 15 days taking Qualia. It is effective?
It is well known that Qualia is constituted by 42 ingredients, this is more than average. I thought about the reaction of my stomach to such amount of elements, this slowed down my desire to take Qualia. But I could not help but try it, I was curious to know what this Qualia fever was about.

WEEK 1: Qualia has a plan that consists of 2 parts, it is assumed that with that you will improve your life. First you should take the amount of 3 pills from bottle 1 (fasting). After 30 minutes of this first dose, you should take 6 pills from step 2.
As I like to follow the indications strictly, from the first day I followed these instructions.

It’s questionable, is not it?

For 4 days I have been taking this treatment. Neurohacker Collective indicates that the best way to take Qualia is leaving 2 days of the week free of treatment, and, as I said, I love to follow directions.

Qualia really exceeded my expectations!

Usually, during the consumption of nootropics it is normal to feel the effect a few days after starting the treatment, approximately from the second week. This is the average time of all the nootropics.

Qualia is the first nootropic that made me feel the effects almost immediately, I say almost because when I took the first 3 pills I did not notice the change. Once I took the rest of the dose (6 pills), my body began to experience certain sensations, for example I had a lot of energy doing my daily tasks. My concentration increased remarkably. During the whole week my mood changed and the concentration remained.

I had pain in my stomach, as I feared, because I subjected my body to consume large amounts of various ingredients, and this, for a start was a lot. In this way I made the decision to consume lower doses, so that the pain diminished and my body adapted. Even so, I tell everyone to take the dose indicated by Qualia.

WEEK 2: Although my stomach was thanking me for not taking Qualia for 2 days, which are those of rest, my mind does not. This week I understood that I had to make my body adapt to the prescribed dose, so I took Qualia exactly as the instructions said. I had the feeling of being a typical software creator who works non-stop 24 hours a day every day, very “Silicon Valley”.

During this week my body adapted to the normal dose, since I did not present any adverse symptoms. Similarly, I recommend, at least for the first week, to go at your own pace, and if your body can not resist the dose, you should not take it; it would be bad enough to force your body.

After 2 weeks from the first day I took Qualia, I was still surprised. I found my ideal rhythm, where sometimes it is more convenient for me to ingest 1 or 2 capsules a day (Sometimes I took out the powder from the capsule); I understand why they exaggerate when talking about Qualia.

It is one of the most complete nootropics I have ever taken. Without a doubt it is a product made with quality ingredients, it comes in a beautiful container. Although the ingredients are of high quality, usually they bring a dose a little lower than normal, but this does not mean that it is less effective, just the opposite.

My recommendation is that you try Qualia if what you want is to make the most of your mind. You should only find at the beginning the dose that is ideal and then continue with the indicated.

If you are decided and want to order it, do it here! If you order at this time, you can have a discount of 10%. Take advantage of

2. Is it safe and advisable to take Qualia?

It is a valid concern, since other pills usually do not contain as many ingredients as Qualia. I will answer this question below. Qualia states that: All the ingredients it has are the result of our system design methodology. The tests we have done are based on observing the effects caused by each of the 42 ingredients per individual, and how they affect, in their combination to the brain.

The following are the main characteristics of the 42 ingredients that Qualia has:

1. 1.Science

The ingredients for the manufacture of this product are chosen after going through rigorous tests that ensure its use is safe and effective. Various investigations are carried out, such as clinical studies in the second and third phases, the data collected from the self-researches, and precedents from 40 years ago to the present, about existing nootropics.

2. Purity

The ingredients are analyzed looking for the presence of heavy metals, mycotoxins, pesticides and any toxin present in the environment, this in order to meet the GMP requirement demanded by the FDA, and be below these levels. The use of silicon, magnesium stearate, animals or binders or toxic fillers is prohibited.

3. Sourcing

Only ingredients of the best quality are used. Most of them are patented by the companies considered to be of the highest quality, such as: BioPerine piperine, pTeroPure pterostilbene.

4. Power

Qualia products are the most refined in the market. The ingredients used for its manufacture are chosen so that they become the purest, in this way its efficacy in terms of power is fully ensured.

5. Primary tests

It is important to note that each of the elements of Qualia reaches the laboratory at the hands of suppliers who pass the CoA tests, thus ensuring purity and potency. Not only do we settle for this, but we also perform extra tests with more sophisticated methods, such as spectrometry and chromatography.

6. Secondary tests

A second batch of tests is carried out; where products that are ready to be commercialized are taken to validate that the content of the same complies with the basic requirements.

7. Formula

Our products are formulated under strict biologically active principles (methylated, phosphorylated, acetylated in the form of I, also in the form of D, and so on), in this way we can achieve the main purpose. As nutrients are treated, their capacity for effectiveness is modified, which makes them the main responsible for the cost of the product.

8. R & D process

Not only do we have a laboratory for the manufacture of the products, but also others dedicated to the investigation of all the effects produced by our medicines, in these sites interactions of various nootropic substances are usually observed. During 2 years tests have been carried out that determined the safe and effective use never before seen. All these tests have been done in the presence of the most qualified professionals.
9. Labels and Certifications:

HPMC vegetarian capsules.
Formulated with vegan ingredients.
It does not contain gluten.
No artificial colors, flavors, sweeteners.

It looks simple, right?

Surely there was never such timely information about a nootropic pill.
Although we answered the most frequent questions and talked about having various nootropic ingredients, minerals and other supplements, we have not yet shown what they are, and then you will know:


In the list of ingredients not only there are nootropics, the following vitamins are also present:

Vitamin D3 As Micro capsulated Colecalciferol
Vitamin B3 Like Niacinamide
Vitamin B1 as Benfotiamine
Vitamin C as ascorbic acid
Vitamin B5 as Pantothenate Calcium
Vitamin B6 as pyridoxal-5-phosphate (P-5-P)

Extracts of adaptogens

Mane of lion: 30% polysaccharides
Active Gynostemma
Artichoke extract: 5% Cynarin
Rhodiola Rosea: 3% Rosavins, 1% Salidrosides
Coleus Forskohlii: 20% Forskolin
Ginkgo Biloba: 24% of glycosides, 6% of terpene lactones
Mucuna Pruriens: 98% L-Dopa
Bacopa Monnieri: 55% Bacosides

Amino acids:

N-acetyl tyrosine
Nootropic Compounds

Qualia is formed with the following nootropic elements:

This is a pretty long list, so you already have an idea of ​​how many ingredients interact in this formula.

Huperzine A
Uridine monophosphate
Hordenine HCI
Pure energy (pterostilbene linked to caffeine)

Hill donors

Alpha GPC
Citicoline (CDP Hill)

Inflammatory neuro-anti and antioxidants.

Green tea extract: 98% polyphenols, 45% EGCG
DHA seaweed

Hill donors

Alpha GPC
Citicoline (CDP Hill)


Finally, it has the following neuro-minerals:

Magnesium Thononate
Lithium Orotate
Zinc picolinate

And it is impossible to believe how many ingredients can be merged perfectly to create such a beneficial element. This is a more precise dose found in Qualia’s ingredients.

3. At what dose and time should I take Qualia?

Neurohacker Collective (the company that created Qualia) is very specific about the dose in which Qualia must be ingested, so that it is a safe and effective experience:

There is a standard dose to consume Qualia, each person should take 3 pills from step 1 on an empty stomach and after breakfast he should take 6 pills from step 2.
If you cannot start the treatment with the exact amount, you can lower the doses, but you must respect the 1: 2 ratio, that is, for each pill consumed in step 1, you must ingest 2 from step 2.

To be able to take full advantage of this product it is important to respect the rest of two days a week without ingesting the treatment.

Qualia Review: What makes Qualia the most popular pill among nootropics?

Qualia Review: Why is the most requested Qualia?

To be able to use any medication, it is always advisable to consult your trusted doctor. Personally, every month or every two months, I usually do blood tests, this in order to observe that I am not exceeding the dose of vitamins or minerals that my body requires (a couple of weeks ago I had an excess of vitamin B6, this It made me feel a little sick).

If you do not have problems with this, I recommend starting the treatment in low doses and then gradually increasing it, if you wish so.

4. Is the body capable of creating a certain tolerance for Qualia?

Although it is the best, Qualia is quite similar to the rest of the nootropic pills, speaking in terms of building tolerance to it. According to my experience, when spending 4 weeks and 1 rest taking other supplements, I recommend the use of Qualia as indicated above, 5 continuous days and 2 rest days.

This is not the strongest dose, unlike others, because the rest between cycles is quite short, however you have to consider the amount of ingredients it has. It is important to follow the instructions of Neurohacker Collective.

5. Qualia vs. Mind Lab Pro

Mind Lab Pro was for a long time the nootropic that I used the most. I combined it with other elements such as Bulletproof Coffee; this makes you the most productive during your day. Qualia emerges as a new option in the market, and like all products it has advantages and disadvantages over the previous options, for example Mind Lab Pro.

Advantages of choosing Qualia as a favorite complement:

Qualia has 42 ingredients, this amount is above the other supplements, and therefore it is about Mind Lab Pro. Qualia gives greater importance to R & D in order to create a supplement that offers the best performance, the most effective.

Qualia only uses certified and higher quality ingredients.

What would be its disadvantages?

Qualia is not an economic product. It’s pretty expensive! A single order costs $ 149 (for 1 month). If you make a subscription they give you a discount, you pay a total of $ 129. It is also much more expensive than Mind Lab Pro.

Although it seems the best idea to combine the largest number of ingredients (in this case 42), it is not as good as it seems, because if any adverse effect occurs in any user it will be difficult to determine which of the 42 ingredients is causing it.

I have tried both products and this is my conclusion:

If you need a supplement that does not have additional vitamins, the best option is Mind Lab Pro.

If you are looking for a more complex solution that includes vitamins and minerals, opt for Qualia

IMPORTANT: Neurohacker Collective developed an optimized product called Qualia Mind.

Qualia Review – Does Qualia really work?

6. Qualia reviews – Opinions

It was quite interesting to observe the reviews referring to Qualia that are found in various sites, coming from experts in the field. As expected, being a new product, Qualia did not have as many reviews as its competitor Mind Lab Pro. I was surprised that the reviews were a balanced mix of positive and negative comments.

The main criticism in the evaluation of Qualia is that it is the most expensive in the market. Most negative evaluations use this as the main argument, it is important for them to be accessible. Other of the most common reviews indicated that Qualia was not the best option for those who already consume a series of additional vitamins and minerals, and these supplements are already included in Qualia. The third most common criticism is that Qualia has caffeine, something that most people avoid.

Apart from these three negative aspects of Qualia, the rest are thousands of positive reviews, the majority comes from experts in nootropics and other people who are related to the area, and they support the consumption of Qualia, even qualified as the most advanced and best of the market.

So, Qualia is the most effective nootropic supplement for the improvement of concentration and focus. According to the reviews, there was no more effective capsule than this one, since the impact it generates is immediate.

Added to this, its ingredients are of the best quality, Premium quality.

7. How can I get Qualia, what is its cost?

To obtain this product you can access its official website.

The cost of Qualia (step 1 + step 2) is $ 129 ($ 149 if you are not subscribed, it is advisable to subscribe even for a couple of months). Investing $ 129 will provide you with enough supplements for the entire month (or even more).

It is true that Qualia is one of the most expensive nootropic batteries in the market, but do not forget that there are 42 ingredients in the pile that justify the price.

If you buy Qualia now, you will receive an additional 10% discount! Use the discount code: YOURINCEPTION

IMPORTANT: instead of asking for Qualia, I recommend checking Qualia Mind, which is an optimized version of Qualia.

8. Frequently asked questions:

1. Is it advisable to take step 2 before taking step 1?

It is advisable to follow the instructions with great care and take Step 1 early in the morning so that you can enjoy the effect during the day. As it is designed to be taken on an empty stomach, the effects of Step 1 are slow to disappear until bedtime. If you ingested step 2 you should first know that step 1 is less harmful to your empty stomach, so maybe you have a little discomfort and you should eat something before you take Step 1.

2. What is made of organic ingredients?

In order to achieve the coexistence of the 42 ingredients of Qualia, it is necessary to add some that are not considered completely organic. Even so, it is our duty to guarantee the quality and safety of the use of Qualia. Most of the ingredients are organic and our factory has an organic certification.

3. What is the recommended dose of Qualia?

Qualia should be consumed in the following way: 3 capsules of step 1 before eating any food and then 6 of step 2, this for 5 continuous days, then suspend for 2 days. The number of pills contained in the bottle from step 1 is 66 and step 2 contains 132. This will suffice for 1 month.

However, the metabolism of individuals is different, so those who are not comfortable with that dose can decrease it in a 1: 2 ratio. So until you find the perfect dose for you.

4. How can I optimize the results?

To take full advantage of this product, certain aspects should be considered:


Qualia was designed to improve cognitive function and states of productive flow that complements a healthy lifestyle and high performance. It is important to take into account a balanced diet, complement the routine with a little exercise, enough sleep, this to ensure that mind and body are healthy.


The Qualia design is compatible to combine different cycles for consumption. Exploits the benefits to the maximum and prevents desensitization. Although it is recommended that the 2 days out of consecutive, if it does not work for you, it is fine, as long as you respect 2 days a week. For the treatment to be even more effective it is advisable to suspend the use of caffeine, since Qualia already has that element. The use of Qualia varies according to the need that the individual possesses, however, if it is required to observe effects in the long term, its use must be prolonged.


According to tests carried out, it was concluded that Qualia is more effective on a rested brain, and was not created to improve functions in terms of sleep problems. Regardless of the use of Qualia, sleep is a regenerative function. If your brain is subjected to intense activity, you should sleep in the same proportion of its impact. Many people who start using Qualia observe that they must adjust their sleep hours. If the consumption of Qualia causes you to present insomnia you should take it much earlier.

5. Why should I take so many capsules?

Qualia’s 2-step design was created due to the large number of ingredients that must interact in the body.

Many of the ingredients, in this case those of step 1 have greater and better absorption if they are ingested in fasting, those of step 2 instead, they are better absorbed in the company of some foods. Tests were carried out with a group of capsules that were ingested at the same time and it was concluded that it is more effective if the ingredients are separated.

If you do not want to ingest so many pills in one shot, you can divide into 2 groups in step 2, but always accompanied by food, it is important to remember that the last dose of step 2 should be taken at least 8 hours before sleep.

Some people do not take the full dose, since they found their ideal dose with less quantity of the product, so it is important that you find yours.

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